About us

Our vision is to provide innovative and stylish sun protective garments that reduces the number of skin damages around the world.

Kalani was founded in Stockholm in 2016 by us, Sara Sandgärde and Linda Avenberg. We are two engineers who saw a need for smart and stylish products with sun protection made for everyday life.

Since having children we both have broadened our awareness of the harmfulness of the sun and the importance of protecting the skin, both of our children and ourselves.

During the creation process we collaborate with dermatologists and fashion designers, and really put our love into every detail. We have chosen high-quality suppliers for every detail in our products, and our manufacturers are all located within EU.

Kalani means ”The Heavens” or ”The Royal One” in Hawaiian. We love sunny days and the light and warmth that comes with it, but the respect for the harmful sunrays is always there.